Peduli Pangan: Bringing food security during Covid-19

May 7, 2020 | by user

 This year has seen a kind of disruption, which is so far unprecedented. Almost the whole world is at a standstill. Making the closure of offices, stores, malls, schools, and even whole cities the new normal. The economic effects of this virus pandemic are catastrophic, threatening food security for millions of people. In Indonesia, especially, the loss of jobs for daily wagers has increased their existing woos.

When it comes to food, Indonesia, especially Jakarta is seeing a break in the supply & demand chain. There are many farmers in Java countryside/villages who have enough supply but have lost buyers due to the closing down of pasars in Jakarta and other major cities. On the other hand, closing of offices and partial lockdown put in the city of Jakarta means millions of people have lost their source of income.


Launch of Peduli Pangan Desa Kota


In response to this, a collaboration of private organizations, social enterprises & NGOs has launched a movement called Peduli Pangan Desa Kota. Peduli Pangan program aims to tackle the disruption caused in food supply & demand chain due to Covid-19 pandemic by

  1. Sourcing basic food products from local farmers who have lost buyers due to the closing of markets
  2. Supplying food to underprivileged/informal workers community to ensure food availability for people who have lost their sources of income

The main goal is to be able to give food security, one of the most basic human rights to the section of people in Indonesia who have been worst affected by this global Covid-19 pandemic.

Run mostly by volunteers with the help of donations from multiple partners, Peduli Pangan movement is sourcing food directly from farmers in Java and making it available to either

  • Warung/Warteg owners who have lost their source of supplies or
  • Use the supplies to cook food, which can be distributed to people living in Rumah Susuns or slums in the Jabodetabek area for free.

The program is supported by organizations like Artemis Impact – a social impact measurement tool, HARA Indonesia, Inovator 4.0 Indonesia, Algoritma Desa, Eidara Mata Data Presisi, Danendra Digital Teknologi & Padmanegara Digital Inovasi.

The program will be run in phases. Each phase will have different kitchens set up according to the food needs of people living around that area & existing support available by other parties.

Opening of first Peduli Pangan Kitchen in Jakarta

The entire Peduli Pangan team is thrilled for successfully finishing the first phase with its first kitchen in  Kembangan, Kalideres, Cengkareng, Kebon Jeruk, Grogol-Petamburan areas, West Jakarta, and ran from May 1 to May 5.


Number of Volunteers


People who received Food


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