Peduli Pangan: Commits To Distributing 160,000 Meals In Indonesia

Jul 23, 2020 | by Phoebe C

Peduli Pangan movement has been active for nearly 4 months & has reached a major milestone by receiving support from United Way Worldwide in collaboration with William & Lily Foundation, 3M & Community Chest of Korea. With this donation, the movement will be able to distribute 160,000 hot meals to people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. And support thousands of small scale farmers in Indonesia by sourcing food ingredients directly from them.  

Key highlights from the Peduli Pangan movement

1. United Way Worldwide leads a consortium of national & international donations

United Way Worldwide is a United States-based charity that has brought together Indonesian charity William & Lily Foundation, multinational company 3M and Community Chest of Korea to raise over 100,000 USD to support the local movement Peduli Pangan in Indonesia. The movement started in Indonesia to support the millions of people affected by the pandemic. And this donation will be used to fund more than 160,000 portions of ready-to-eat food with ingredients sourced from small-scale farmers and distributed to people in need and other vulnerable groups. (Read more about the movement here)

The Peduli Pangan movement mobilizes the caring power of the local community to fight for the well-being of the vulnerable. It creates a systemic change in the local food supply chain to benefit farmers, workers as well as low-income families affected by COVID-19.”, said Mr. Jose Pedro Ferrao, International President of United Way Worldwide.

2. Transparency and Accountability remain two key principles

From the start of the movement, these two principles of transparency and accountability have been a guiding force for our teams. From planning the execution to writing our impact report. The movement ensures that there is complete transparency and accountability from our side. This means having clear procedures about data collection & ensuring that all or any data relevant to the movement is reported. 

3. Going beyond Output & measuring Outcome

We believe that having a strong impact measurement framework is the key to any movement successfully designing a sustainable intervention. And we want Peduli Pangan to lead by example. With this in mind, we have developed the Theory of Change for the different parts of the intervention, & our measurement does not limit itself to output metrics but goes beyond that and measures the outcome. The key question we are trying to answer with our outcome measures from the kitchen side is: if the intervention has helped the people increase the number of meals they can get now with Peduli Pangan as compared to before the movement since the pandemic started. We have similar outcome measures for the farmer & volunteer side of the movement.

4. Fourth Kitchen completed, many more to come

On 17th July 2020, Peduli Pangan completed its fourth kitchen in Kelurahan Sukapura, North Jakarta with the help of our local partners – PKK Dapur Sukapura, Pasukan Oranye, and RPTRA officer. The kitchen ran for 5 days and cooked and distributed a total of 5000 meals. The movement is planning many more such kitchens across Jakarta over the next 5 months. As for each of the previous kitchens, we will continue to partner with local organizations and communities to setup & run our kitchens. We strongly believe that we have been able to come this far mainly because of the help of our community partners. And we wish to see this relation between Peduli Pangan and the communities in Indonesia grow stronger. 

Output reporting for Peduli Pangan kitchens (at the end of first phase)




Meals Distributed


Farmers who were able to sell produce

5. Opportunity to support the movement from your homes

Campaign.com, one of the partners of the Peduli Pangan movement has started a campaign on their app #ForChange. Allowing people across Indonesia to support the food security movement by completing easy and fun challenges on the app. This will not only show your support for our cause but also unlock a Rp 20,000 donation to Tani Panen, Food Sustainesia, IAAS Indonesia, and buangdisini.com who are Peduli Pangan’s partner social communities & are actively working to improve the food security situation in Indonesia. 

The times have been tough for all of us and the need of the hour is for everyone to come together to support each other against the pandemic. This movement is a proof of the power of people from the community coming together. If you would like to support the movement in any form, feel free to contact us via email contact@artemis.im or join our newsletter below to stay updated with the latest news from Peduli Pangan. 

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