They put their trust in us

Why does your company need impact measurement?

1New Customer Base

One out of three consumers value ethical practices and sustainability in the products and services they buy.

2Regulatory Requirements

Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore are among the countries that need publicly listed companies to submit sustainability reports

Why Work With Us?

Most competitive & holistic solution, designed after years of research, localized to South Asian markets.

1Get knowledge & technology to drive more impact

Our Enterprise Solution provides a custom combination of impact expertise & proprietary technology to empower you to measure the right indicators, understand the impact your initiatives create & communicate it to your stakeholders.

2Integrated solution to save time & money

Power your success with Artemis Impact Platform, designed with your needs in mind it’s the only technology you will need for every step in impact measurement & management; create projects, design impact strategy, manage & analyze data.

3Data centric approach to strengthen your communication

Enrich your impact narrative with transparent, quantified data. The evidence-based approach enables your company to build higher trust & stronger engagement with your stakeholders; customers, employees, regulatory bodies & shareholders.

Meet our ESG framework experts

1Noah Oberman

GRI certified practitioner | CTO & Co-founder, Artemis Impact

2Brigita Natasha

Social Value & SROI Trained Practitioner

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